A partner to meet the challenges of modern public management

ENAP is a public university whose mandate is to contribute in a modern and globally-oriented manner to the constant improvement of one of the oldest human activities: the organization of the State to better respond to the needs of the community.

Closely linked to the evolution of civilizations, public administration has been rethought throughout the ages and, now more than ever, is faced with several contemporary issues: staff renewal, budget restrictions, globalization.... As the University of Public Administration, ENAP assists State managers and professionals in these profound changes, while contributing to the dissemination of the values and practices of good governance.

ENAP exercises leadership and influence among public-management practitioners and decision makers in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the world through its management training and consulting activities offered to foreign governments. As a result, it spreads knowledge and expertise and contributes to Quebec’s reputation, both at home and abroad.

With its concern for actively participating in the administrative capacity building of public organizations, ENAP is sensitive to public organizations’ needs and issues and seeks to anticipate them; furthermore, it endeavors to provide public managers with the necessary tools to face challenging goals. Today’s public administration is, in fact, pluralistic in nature since it includes federal, provincial and municipal public services, including such things as the health, social services and education networks.

ENAP takes part in the rigorous and necessary questioning of public activity and programs, a measure of a society’s growth. Individuals trained at ENAP have the necessary intellectual tools and insightful, critical view to do so. Its favored approach, a delicate balance between thought and practice, has produced results for more than forty years. Close to 9000 ENAP alumni can testify to this fact. Some hold or have held key positions of great responsibility in their career: secretary general of the government, head of public security services or senior manager in a State corporation. Others have studied in various African, Latin American and Asian countries. ENAP alumni form a rich, everexpanding network.

In addition to the graduates of credited programs, tens of thousands of State officials and their organizations have also trusted ENAP for continuous education, consulting services, coaching, competency evaluation, career support, and contract research. ENAP has thus set the standard in the field of Public Administration in Quebec and intends to continue doing so.

The University plans to further its development and consolidate its position as the leading academic institution in the field of public administration by providing a relevant response to public managers’ needs and by fostering its reputation both at home and abroad.

Nelson Michaud, Ph.D.
Director General 

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