Access to global expertise 

ENAP has been active on the international scene for more than 30 years. It has contributed to the re-thinking and evolution of best practices in the field of public administration. Over the years, it has developed a real expertise in the transfer of knowledge and competencies in public sector management.

ENAP is a leader in public administration consulting and training services. Its international expertise is based on:

  • the completion of several major international cooperation
  • projects over the last 30 years;
  • interventions in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas;
  • the training of more than 1000 trainers or managers who took one of its programs; 
  • close links to Quebec public expertise.

Training for Public Managers 

Credit Courses
One of ENAP’s unique aspects is its great capacity to adapt the delivery of its masters programs to respond to the specific needs of its international clientele. As a result, it can offer its programs abroad using different formulas that respond to its clients’ needs. Its training programs are offered in French, English and Spanish.

International Program for Development Education Training
The International Program for Development Education Training (IPDET), the result of a fruitful collaboration between the World Bank and ENAP, focuses on the evaluation and monitoring of development programs and projects as well as on results-based management. This strategic four-week program is offered exclusively to an international clientele.
Specialized Training
ENAP has developed specialized training in different aspects of public management adapted to the international context. This training deals with several fields of expertise specific to the realities of the public sector, in particular, results-based management (RBM) and results-based budgeting (RBB). All training activities can be offered in Quebec or abroad. To respond to the more specific needs of public administrations, ENAP can also develop and implement customized training.

ENAP focuses on the transfer of knowledge and competencies to strengthen the capacities of States.

Consulting Services

ENAP is regularly invited to formulate opinions and advise government authorities from different countries on questions of modernization of the State and public-service reform. The University is an ideal partner for projects involving support for:

  • translating strategy into action when dealing with key administrative reforms;
  • reviving or providing national schools of administration.

ENAP also assists the public administration of different countries in the following areas:

  • performance management in the public sector; 
  • human-resource management and leadership in the public sector;
  • decentralized management of the State;
  • sustainable development; 
  • strategic management of the State.

Institutional Relations and University Cooperation

ENAP also maintains relations with several universities, associations and institutes that are active in the area of public administration at the international level. This involves:

  • institutional relations via participation in international forums, adhering to international organizations and associations and forming strategic partnerships;
  • interuniversity cooperation, including student and faculty mobility, internships, research projects, organization of conferences and joint training programs.

Close links to quebec public expertise

Thanks to decades of collaboration with experts who have worked to reform and modernize Quebec’s public administration, ENAP can count on their efforts in carrying out its international projects. These experts also bring a vast knowledge of cutting-edge expertise that has been developed in the various areas of Quebec public intervention.

This gives ENAP access to one of the most effective public administrations in the world in the framework of its international cooperation activities. As a result, it is able to offer solutions based on the most recent theoretical advances while, at the same time, reflecting concrete public-administration practices.

ENAP assists government authorities from different countries in several strategic areas. 


“In the context of its modernization, Gabon must count on a strong, effective and professional administration. That’s why my country’s officials chose ENAP to assist us. They made this choice on the basis of ENAP’s practical expertise in the field of public administration. Collaboration with ENAP has permitted us to lay the groundwork for the decompartmentalization of various interventions and better government coordination. As a result, we have implemented a government work program that eliminates barriers and provides services better corresponding to the wishes of Gabon’s population. Our inspiration stems from the example of the role and duties of Quebec deputy ministers and interdepartmental committees. This has also led us to consider another way of working with our senior public servants.

At ENAP, we’re in contact with very professional individuals having extensive experience and proven expertise. We have worked with the University since 2009 and we intend to continue since many things remain to be done to build a Gabonese model taking into account our distinctive characteristics.”

Vincent Rawambya,
Secrétaire général adjoint
Services du premier ministre


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